Life’s a Beach Picnic

Golden Gardens Beach

Golden Gardens.

When I leave the office and it is moderately sunny, I’m prone to spontaneous picnics with the boyfriend. Part of the Seattle mentality of “The sun is out. Quick! Go do something outside before it gets cloudy and starts raining.”

Tonight’s destination was Alki Beach in West Seattle. The picturesque sandy beach, with the appropriate mid-week number of sand volleyball players, dogs and bicyclists, was sunny and not very crowded when we unfolded the bright blue blanket on the sand.

Our ready-made picnics involve Odwalla and deli purchases from PCC or Whole Foods. I’m no expert on whipping up potato salad – but I can buy a half pint of vegan potato salad pretty easily. Tonight I ate greek salad in a take-out box with a compostable fork (naturally) while we watched the sun descend into the cloud layer above the Olympic Mountains.

Smelling the fresh salt air, sitting on a blanket, wiggling my toes in the sand and watching the sunset was the perfect mid-week evening. Today was a good day.


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