Inspiration at work + coffee

The past few weeks have been a blur of work, two Mariners games, Capitol Hill and Vancouver, BC, the Seattle bus system, and my mom’s visit last week.

Mariners Game

Lovely day for a Mariners game

My job interview was a month ago, on my 26th birthday. I started a week and a half later, and since then I’ve learned a lot. I no longer worry about getting lost on my floor in the building, but I’m still uncertain and slow with certain tasks. But today I worked almost 11 hours, and it was a good day. Remember that saying, “Find a job you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life”? It’s true. Even if it’s just temporary.

I’m already thinking about coffee tomorrow morning, because I’m not a morning person. And I’m going to need a large cup of the “nectar of the gods” if I want to leave the house at 7 am, as I have done for the past two days.


It’s not Stumptown, but it works. When I live in Capitol Hill (or Ballard) next year, and Stumptown or Cupcake Royale are a few blocks away, I will drink Stumptown Coffee. My rent will go down, so I can spend a little more on really good coffee.

Today felt like a Seattle day.

I didn’t mind that it was gray, even though I’d love a few more sunny summer or fall days. The view from the office is surreal when it’s foggy. Like we’re in the clouds, looking down from a dark tower on downtown, hundreds of feet above the busses, sirens, taxis and pedestrians.

7 am. Waiting for the bus on my way to work, hating humidity. Wondering if I can rent a tent, sleeping bag, and other camping supplies from REI.

3 pm. Meeting with a copy editor. I wonder how long he’s been working for Amazon. Five years? Ten years? I smile when he cautions me and other employees in the meeting about exclamation marks, and when I see exclamation marks are against company style.

I like this copy editor, because I can tell he has a sense of humor and he’s good at his job. And then I wonder if his cardigan is from American Apparel.

4 pm. REI Rentals has tents and sleeping bags for rent. Luckily I’m an REI member, so for about $20 I can rent a tent overnight. River rafting is still possible this Sunday. I hope it doesn’t rain Saturday night.

7:30 pm. The rain had stopped and I was on the bus, going home after an inspiring day at my new job. Wearing boots and a rain jacket, I was listening to a Death Cab EP on my iPhone, after an 11-hour day at work, I felt oh so very Seattle.

10:30 pm. Listening to This American Life podcasts, and it is delightful. I think about last year, when I used to listen to Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me! and This American Life on Saturday mornings. I wonder if I’ll do that next year, in our new place, while sipping Stumptown coffee and making banana pecan pancakes with the boyfriend. Vegan banana pecan pancakes, of course.


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