Why I love a temp job

Because it’s fun.

I enjoy the work much more than what I was doing before. Now, I schedule site content and work with HTML and XML code for a well-known internet retailer. No more answering phones and ordering office supplies. I’m happier in my daily life because I enjoy my work, instead of complaining how much I hate my job.

The resume boost.

I think the skills I’m acquiring now make me more qualified for the full-time jobs I want. I see possible room for advancement within the company, either as a temporary or full-time employee.

The company is young and motivated.

The company culture is driven, innovative and creative. Ideas are encouraged. My coworkers are highly motivated people who take initiative, and they’re young. I’m 26 and everyone in my department is under 35, including my boss.

A risk paid off.

I’m not a risk taker, but I took a calculated risk to become a temp. The enjoyment I feel after a 10-hour day confirms that I made the right choice, even though I have no guarantee that I’ll be employed in a few months. For me, loving what I do is so refreshing and important.

It’s an adventure.

I’m only there for a few months, so I’m doing my best to take initiative and learn as much as I can while I’m there.


3 responses to “Why I love a temp job

  1. Hi Ali,

    I read your post on Penelope Trunk’s blog today and made my way back to your blog. As a 20-something Seattleite myself (well, 29 is still 20s right) a lot of what you’re written really resonated with me. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about how to build a career while still having a balanced life, worry about money, and buying cute clothes to make up for crappy jobs. I just left my full time staff position (with benefits) to start working as a consultant with my company’s consulting group, which means I am working for myself, so I was really struck by what you wrote about weighing those risks.

    I NEVER comment on blogs or email bloggers, even though I am an avid reader and big fan of a lot of them (like Penelope). But since we both live in Seattle, I felt like reaching out to tell you I like your blog, and congratulate you for getting published on Brazen Careerist. You have a great voice.


  2. Thank you for commenting. What made you choose to work as a consultant for your company’s consulting group? Do you enjoy the work you’re doing now more than what you were doing before, on staff as a full-time employee?

    I’m curious about how consulting is different than freelancing. I like the stability of a full-time, permanent job, but after months of looking for full-time work with no great offers, I tried temping. I figured “If not now, then when?” and I’m much happier as a temp, compared to my previous communications/administrative assistant job. However, I do miss having paid time off.

  3. Hi Ali,

    I sent you a tweet but thought I should follow up over here. I also read your post on Penelope Trunk’s Blog (as above comment) and I’d love to speak to you about your temp work experience from quitting to temping to finding something much better and everything in between. I am working on a product to help temp workers and have a blog as well at http://temphunting,com.

    You can email me at amir at temphunt dot com if you are interested in speaking.

    Thanks so much in advance.

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