Snow and a Trip to the Mac Store

I haven’t written in several weeks, partly because my MacBook was in the shop for more than a week. (The week seemed like a month, as I was relegated to using my iPhone for my connection to the outside world. It’s a great device, but some things are just much better and/or much easier on a larger screen. Also, Grooveshark can’t be used on iPhone yet – but that’s another story.) The “macologist” help desk guys at The Mac Store did an excellent job, and my MacBook looks and feels like new.

Here’s a post on kids and technology that I found interesting. I frequently wonder if my generation will have early onset of carpal tunnel syndrome, since so many of my friends are constantly texting, tweeting, and working on computers 40+ hours at work, in addition to countless hours on their iPhones or laptops after work.

A few days before Thanksgiving, it snowed in Seattle. The morning started with a few white flakes that gradually started sticking to the pavement. Schools closed at the idea of snow, and during the evening commute, cars were abandoned on I-5. Capitol Hill residents started sledding down Denny Way with recycling bins, cookie sheets, and ironing boards… and drivers on Queen Anne hill slid down the hill, backward. It was branded “SNOMG” or snowpocolypse. Snow photos from the Seattle Times.

On Monday night, my usual 25-minute bus ride turned into a two-hour ordeal, which ended after walking across the Fremont Bridge in blowing snow. I wrapped my wool scarf over my nose and mouth, while wondering why I was so shocked at the cold. Two Seattle winters has clearly softened my tolerance for cold weather, and I have no love lost for snow.

It melted Thanksgiving Day and I was happy to see it vanish, much to the disappointment of my significant other. Being from Florida, he can’t relate to my hatred of snow (mostly, driving in snow, taking the bus in the snow, or being stuck on the bus for 2+ hours because it snowed.) Living on a steep hill makes me cautious, and I was happy to avoid an awkward carpool to a family Thanksgiving dinner, hosted in a suburb of Seattle. Of the roasted root vegetables, cinnamon mashed yams, and acorn squash with quinoa dishes that we made for Thanksgiving, the Quinoa-stuffed Acorn Squash was the favorite – a pretty easy recipe that we made again last weekend. Well worth the 1 hour of prep and cooking. The yams were good, too, but the acorn squash was delicious.


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